Marketing & Advertising insights
Acquiring new clients and increasing sign up rates
(Web Hosting)

Dimitar Dimitrov - AttractSoft  GmbH (CEO)
by Dimitar Dimitrov
AttractSoft GmbH &
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This article summarizes everything you as a web hosting marketer have ever wanted to know about how to attract new clients to sign up for your services.

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1. Marketing Ideas

1.1. Posting in Forums

1.2. Listing in Site Directories

1.3. Sponsoring Web Sites

1.4. Offering some free services

1.5. Friends and personal relations

2. Free Advertising Ideas

2.1. Business Name

2.2. Site description

2.3. Distinctive offer - niche marketing

3. Marketing, Advertising, and Branding

3.1. What is branding and why is it valuable for marketing and advertising success?

3.2. As a small business how can I use branding?

3.3. Steps in virtual branding

3.4. Hard but not impossible to measure branding

4. Sales Calls

4.1. Commitment to your goals is the key to success!

4.2. Ask specific questions!

4.3. Time Optimization is essential!

4.4. Objections are essential part of our business

4.5. The close is of great importance!

4.6. Make unlimited follow-ups

5. SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Marketing

5.1. The most common mistakes made on the net summarized in three key points

5.2. Back link building strategy

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Landing Pages

8. Local Area Advertising

9. Advertising in Magazines

10. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

11. Marketing Firms Focused On Web Hosting

12. Word Of Mouth Marketing

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