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6. Affiliate Marketing

Why affiliates are better than paid ads? It is much easier to set a price you are willing to pay per new customer and not have to worry about if your ads are well done to convert. It is simple as that if affiliates don't perform they don't get paid unlike banner ads. It's no secret that most marketing people prefer to spend their marketing dollars on affiliates over paid placements and ads. With affiliates you basically have no control over transactions throttle.

You merely have no way to influence the number of sales that your affiliates generate. Some assumptions can be made based on past performance and you can always improve your affiliates program but the numbers always vary. One thing is for sure though: you know exactly what you are paying for a new customer and that is what is great about affiliates: $100 a client is $100 a client, regardless if there are 10 or 500 of them referred over. will soon launch its new affiliate program for the reseller accounts that will allow the resellers to benefit from this type of marketing strategies and tools.

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