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Acquiring new clients and increasing sign up rates

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1. Marketing Ideas

Acquiring new customers is one of the hardest things when starting a new web hosting business, especially when your are low on traffic. Existing customers refer new ones and in this way a well established business might receive sales even without too much of advertising effort. Unfortunately this is not the case with new ventures. The below strategies will help new hosts with zero customers to find ways to get their first batch of clientele. Back in the years when I started my first hosting business I used the methods below and got my first signup the day after I have launched the site.

1.1. Posting in Forums

Attracting new customers - one of the best ways is by posting in forums on just about any subject. Simply put your hosting URL and a little information about it in your signature and you get free advertising in front of a large audience. Try to post at least ten responses or new topics every day and the traffic will start to flow. Your posts should be helpful and insightful though, posting junk will reflect badly on you and your web hosting company. If you manage to do this on multiple forums the traffic will gradually start to build and new customers will start to come in. This method will also help to build back links to your site and boost your page ranking and SEO results.

1.2. Listing in Site Directories

Another good method to get traffic is to submit your site to as many free web hosting directories as possible. The general directories will not produce a great deal of targeted traffic but they will build your back links and help you with some general traffic, so do not leave them behind but be especially attentive with the targeted directories.

1.3. Sponsoring Web Sites

Sponsoring web sites is also a good approach to get new visitors. Find an active site try to trade them hosting for the promotion of your site. You can also host a local community web site in order to obtain local customers. They are willing to pay more for hosting and usually require less tech support. Tech oriented or internet field web sites are a good bet for people interested in web hosting. Getting your name out there is an essential goal in doing web marketing. People will get to know your business and eventually will come and buy.

1.4. Offering some free services

The more the better - new visitors to your web site are essential part of the way to get new sales. This is why has developed for you the Free Web Hosting reseller offering. This is a great way to draw the public attention towards your web site and even pursue the people to try the services you offer and upgrade later on.

1.5. Friends and personal relations

And finally you should tap your friends and personal relations. At some point of time everyone needs web hosting and getting the people you know best to buy it from you shouldn't be such an impossible task.

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