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5. SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Marketing

SEO will bring in new customers and with organic search results you can get a lot of visitors that will later on convert into sales without having to pay for them.

5.1. The most common mistakes made on the net summarized in three key points

a) Titles. Every page has the same title.

b) Sparse content.

c) Minor stuff: Embedded CSS/JavaScript, Meta tags.

5.2. Back link building strategy

You have only a few good links here. This goes back to the blogging concept. None of the content on your site particularly merits a link. Perhaps some members on forums give you honorable mentions, but you're fighting an uphill battle here, there is a lot of competition in this market. You might want to start a blog. You may also want to buy some relevant links, or motivate some customers to drop you a link on, perhaps, their blog.

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