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9. Advertising in Magazines

Are there any benefits of advertising web hosting services in technology, gaming, or other magazines? This question was raised many times and a lot of good points have been made that might help the new comers.

Identifying the results from such a campaign is very hard and you can see them only over a very long time as the shelf life of a magazine can be very long.

Important points to remember:

a) This type of advertising is a long term investment and helps more in branding success. Some users might not read the magazine for months or even up to a year and just after that they might spot your ad.

b) Competition from very large web hosting providers will be your biggest problem, so try to be original and unique.

c) Do not do general web hosting plans - its much harder nearing to impossible to outstand the competition.

d) Try to pick a vertical target audience such as bloggers, music or history web sites. Then you can focus on such magazines to advertise in.

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