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2. Free Advertising Ideas

Advertising your new web hosting company for free is a very appealing idea. A great way to advertise for free is by adding your business information and plans to the most popular VPS hosting directories and of course to the small ones (some of them will eventually grow bigger). The web hosting directories are big listings of hosting companies that are arranged by the type of offers and are also usually searchable by features. These are sites that receive high volumes of quality traffic from people searching to buy web hosting so they should be of primary interest for you. The search keyword "web hosting" on Google is very competitive and yet five out of the ten returned results on the first page are of web hosting directories. By having your web hosting site listed there you will get some portion of the huge targeted traffic they receive each day.

Part of the key to success is that you sign up for as many hosting directories as possible in order to maximize the free traffic. This will also help you build up your site SEO since more sites will link back to it. Your could always run the "web hosting directories" search term on Google and pick more out of the enormous result list to work with.

The submission approval is lengthy and sometimes energy consuming process requiring consecutive efforts in order to get approved and listed, so before you start it is recommended that you have your web hosting plans, features, and pricing set up and your site is mandatory to be operational as well.

Here are some tips and tricks for your submission:

2.1. Business Name

The name of your web host is very important because most directories list alphabetically. (Z is long way from the As and most people don't get to the Zs).

2.2. Site description

Keep your web site description precise and make sure you emphasize your niche market. Such descriptions as "best hosting in the world" are no good.

2.3. Distinctive offer - niche marketing

Setting your offering apart should be your goal, so make sure you don't look like the other zillion of hosts out there. For example if you are a reseller focusing solely on hosting CMS sites make sure to emphasize this clearly.

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