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Acquiring new clients and increasing sign up rates

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4. Sales Calls

Making a sales call can land you a new client today. A couple of good methods to acquire new clients are to give them a free trial or a coupon with a discount reserved just for the sales calls.

Being a sales champion is not easy but doable. Here are a few small secrets that will help you achieve this goal.

4.1. Commitment to your goals is the key to success!

Identify your sales goals for a given period of time (week, month, quarter and year). It is important to use specific numbers that challenge you, but are yet achievable. Put these goals in your office, engage yourself to meetings on how to reach the targets of even exceeding these numbers. Commitment is the key to success that enables you to do great business.

4.2. Ask specific questions!

Your target is to identify the prospect's need and then fill it. Sales champions use their time to find out what potential clients really need. This covers two main business aspects, one is that you are interested in helping the customers and two that you keep them interested in your presentation.

4.3. Time Optimization is essential!

Maximize your time. Amateurs spend a lot time on finding prospect customers. Sales champions develop systems that maximize their time and enable them to spend time doing what earns the money.

- Ask for referrals your current clients as you close the deal, so you're striking while down to the point.

- Ask for referrals the prospective customers that do not buy from you.
These are simple steps but yield great rewards.

4.4. Objections are essential part of our business

Prepare for this! Rejections are usually related to time, money and fear. Fear of rejection is normal for human beings.

Simple steps for handling objections:

- Listen to the objection. Allow your prospect customer to finish before offering a counter strike. Never interrupt!

- Clarify, repeating the objection. Show your prospect he has offered a great idea and valid point of view. Ask questions to make sure you understand him right. This will allows the customer to explain his or her idea completely and give him the time to clearly hear his voice and correct himself if mistaken.

- Answer the objection. Here is the verge to success of failure depending on how you address the objection. The sale is lost here by many salespeople. Amateurs bounce around the issue and usually never get back to it. Answering the questions on not enough but also but focusing on following up with a closing question is needed.

4.5. The close is of great importance!

Make sure it is a win-win situation. Sales champions add value to their sales call as they move forward with their proposition.
A few good strategies to use to close the deal:

- Trial close: Offer client a few clear ways to move forward to make a purchase.

- "Walk-through" close: "Let me walk you through this so you get a complete understanding of how this is going to work for you." Then guide your potential customer through the steps of your business process, letting him visualize a simple, effective means to move forward. Finish with: "If you have any questions, do not hesitate call me so I can either help you or put you through to the right people who can. I want to save you time and money. So please feel free to call me anytime."

- Method of payment close: "Are you going to use a credit card to purchase today?"

4.6. Make unlimited follow-ups

Implement strategies to get in touch with your prospective customers regularly so you can build trust, loyalty and additional selling opportunities. Make use of the common emails, voicemail messages, thank-you, birthday, holiday cards, newsletters and personal phone calls. Try to stay in touch - at least once every three to four weeks.

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