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Dimitar Dimitrov - AttractSoft  GmbH (CEO)
by Dimitar Dimitrov
AttractSoft GmbH &
Zetta Hosting Solutions LTD.
Alliance (CEO)

In today's extremely competitive online business environment many people are asking me how it is possible to establish a successful online business. There are many ways of starting business online but of course it takes simple, common business sense to keep it going. One of the approaches many take to endeavor into the field of making money online is to start their own hosting company. Unfortunately this always proves to be a very expensive and hard job to accomplish. Only the ones with enough will-power and sometimes money can grow up to something profitable. Those who were forward-looking invented, instead, the idea of reseller hosting. This is a way of starting business online without the need to invest enormous amounts of money for hardware and software equipment and it also eliminates the hassle of setting up the whole infrastructure from scratch. There are numerous different options in reseller hosting but most of them unfortunately also proved to be extremely unsuccessful and their monthly support turned out even painful for the individuals that have taken the path to establishing a hosting business online with standard reseller hosting accounts. This is why we have put to your attention our innovative idea for reseller hosting that makes it free and allows anyone to offer not only paid but even free website hosting and make profit out of it, please keep on reading.

What is a Standard Reseller Hosting account
Standard Reseller hosting accounts are just about normal accounts where an existing well-established company offers you a portion of space and bandwidth allotment on a server in exchange for a monthly fee. Even though this fee is higher than the one of the normal hosting accounts, it guarantees increased amount of space, bandwidth, and the additional software installation licenses that have to be purchased for a reseller hosting account. These resources are then available to be resold to other users of standard web hosting. Each individual website hosted on the reseller account usually receives its own control panel. Customers usually cannot tell the difference between a company using a reseller web hosting account and a host which owns its own servers and datacenter. Unfortunately those hosted on reseller accounts often fall abandoned by the reseller not being able to offer a decent support service and soon flee away.

The problem with the standard Reseller Hosting accounts
When starting a new hosting business one should be very careful selecting the provider to buy Reseller Hosting accounts from. It is very important to avoid hosting company offering "unlimited" space or bandwidth. There's no such thing in the universe as "unlimited". Everything has its limitations and most hosts that offer "unlimited resources" are doing the so called "overselling" - a vicious marketing practice, i.e. they are selling beyond the resources they have. This puts the reseller in danger of not being able to sustain a real quality service for its own customers.

One should also check very carefully all the services and resources which a reseller hosting company has to offer. Most look cheap but they only allow a certain small number of SQL databases, email accounts, domains hosted, and even a certain number of users allowed to be hosted on a single account. A reseller should always make sure that he receives the amount of resources needed for a successful reseller business.

Another and maybe the greatest downside of being a standard reseller is that in most cases the reseller has to take care of the 24x7 customer support. He has to answer emails, trouble tickets and even care for some technical issues on the user accounts. This could turn out to be very demanding and sometimes impossible for a startup business to support such a 24x7 operation. Considering this and the fact that the paid hosting market is very crowded one could easily calculate that buying a standard reseller hosting account won't probably put him on top of the millions or allow him to instantly generate an income. It takes a commitment to be acquainted with the market and choose the best service possible for him and his customers. Research needs to be conducted, which is always a hard task.

Everyone is asking what could make the reseller hosting margins grow?!?
Please read further and you will find out just about now!

Are there any Reseller Hosting options that can broaden the margins and pump-up the profits and business development possibilities?
- The answer is: Yes - ResellerCluster - Free reseller hosting program - you get to offer not only paid but also free hosting for free!

Yes this is not a scam or some kind of joke, we at AttractSoft and Zetta Hosting Solutions Alliance have joined forces to develop an innovative idea that will change the current reseller hosting business for ever!

Now there is no need of investing a single penny in expensive reseller hosting accounts that one might never be able to resell. There is no need to worry about 24x7 customer support, technical issues or server uptimes. All this is outsourced to our team specializing in doing it more than seven years on this very competitive and demanding market. The good news is that all this comes for the resellers totally free. It allows them to invest time and money in promoting their new businesses. The lack of monthly fees gives a reseller the confidence that his new business can survive even the hard startup period when there might be little or even no income generated.

The innovation in the ResellerCluster solution is not only the fact that one does not need to pre-pay for the hosting accounts he is willing to sell. But It is the absolutely unique chance to outstand the other hosting companies on the overcrowded market with the single and most important feature ... Offering free hosting at absolutely no costs for the reseller.
This makes a new business easy to promote because every good marketer knows: "... the best way to promote something is to give a free sample!". One can obtain a better marketing exposure with the free service and the best thing is that there is good percentage of happy free users that will convert into paying ones, upgrading their accounts with more features and resources allotments. Commissions can be easily earned from the sold plans and the reseller is able to set prices, configure plan features and allocate resources exactly according his company niche approach. Zero investment is needed, the signup is totally free!

How to get your company name out there with ResellerCluster technology?
We have invented a new technology for reselling hosting that has nothing to do with the currently established market of standard reseller hosting.
The essential key feature is that our reseller hosting is free to join and the Reseller Program ( offers the following key features:
  1. Hosted predefined design templates for your business. They are fully customizable and editable. One can even place advertisement on the reseller sites and the best thing is that we have thought about the single most important marketing strategy for every new business, namely the Search Engine Optimization. All templates are prepared to allow total and custom optimization of the HTML code which guarantees the successful placement in the search engines results when one has put the necessary effort into this.
  2. There is a Free hosting plan (PHP&MySQL) for all users to make a starting business noticeable - "everyone sells hosting, you offer it free - this is hype!"
  3. Predefined Paid Plans - we have carefully examined the market and prepared for our new resellers the key to the successful hosting sales - carefully designed hosting services and plans. The reseller can set all prices and tune the commission levels.
  4. Custom paid plan builder tool - we know that uniqueness is also a key element in building a successful business, so every reseller is able to design the plans he wants to sell. All prices and commissions levels are also manageable from within the reseller account.
  5. Availability to use the so called "Remote Order Forms" - if a reseller has a well known already established site he can simply place in our "Remote Order Forms" and directly allow the users to signup from within his site (No need to use our templates or redirect traffic outside the site)
  6. The Account activation for all users is absolutely instant, no waiting, no nerves and disappointment, no hassle (resellers and hosting users can log into the accounts instantaneously after their signup)
  7. The signup procedures are taken to the absolutely needed information minimum, which makes them a peace of cake, three easy steps and one has a new hosting account up and running in just about 1 minute.
  8. Total reseller automation, we support the hosting users 24x7x365, take care about the billing, accounting and invoicing, the reseller caches his commission check only.
  9. Complete reseller anonymity is offered! We praise our resellers business and know that to establish a successful and credible image is very hard, time consuming and expensive. We stay behind the scenes and the resellers do their business totally undisturbed.
  10. Upime guarantees - we have developed a customer full-featured control panel, redundant Clustered Webserver Platform and our business and quality of service is time proven. We currently operate a special clustered server network with more than 700 000 hosted users and still counting!
Without meaning to sound too bold, we should say that this innovative solution can boost the income of most of the individuals who currently strive for keeping their reseller businesses online alive. Anyone that is interested in exploring the possibilities that this new technology has to offer, please visit the site, signup and see it working for yourself:

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